• Project Overview

    The Georgia Aquarium is a not-for-profit corporation that operates as the second largest aquarium in the world, housing more than a hundred thousand animals across several thousand species.  The Georgia Aquarium’s technology organization was in the familiar yet uncomfortable situation for many non-profits: their in-house resources were limited, the technology demands of the many diverse business and operational functions could not be met; their technology platforms were stale and as such, the desire for a unique guest experience could not be realized.

    The Georgia Aquarium engaged MinervaWorks to assess the range of technology issues and create a 3-year technology roadmap that would increase business efficiencies while delivering the ultimate in guest experience.  Today, the Georgia Aquarium enjoys a high performing, resource efficient technology platform that MinervaWorks designed, implemented and now manages.


    • Detailed audit of existing infrastructure and platforms

    • Day-to-day technology platform management

    • Development of migration and implementation plans for email and web sites

    • Development of wireless strategy and architecture, with location services and guest analytics

    • Support of analysis and selection of advanced guest ticketing and management system, focused purely on cloud-based platform requirements

    • Development of a 3-year technology plan that aligned with business goals

    • Re-architecture of network platforms for resiliency and performance


    • Increased network availability and up-time

    • Infrastructure overhaul to a cohesive technology stack

    • Cloud migrations of Exchange email to O365 and web sites to Azure with an Akamai interface

    • Significant improvement in platform availability due to management by MinervaWorks – all IT operational support via MinervaWorks

    • Wireless platform design increases revenue, provides guest analytics and improves guest experiences via augmented reality